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Coin Master Free Spins November 2020 – Working 100%

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haktuts Coin Master
Haktuts Coin Master

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Haktuts Coin Master All Spins Link ( Updated Few Seconds Ago)

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haktuts coin master 900 spins
haktuts coin master

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We have list all the working spin links for you , go through it and collect as many as spins you can .

Haktuts Coin Master 10-50 Spins Link

Do you know , there are 100,000,000+ people playing coin master all over the world . Its one of the most downloaded games in the world . That means more than 10 millions people are searching for free spins .

Haktuts Coin Master 10 Spin Link

Coin master official handle updates 10 free spins link on their various fan page . We collects 10 free spins link from lots of sources and put it together on haktutscoinmaster.com  for you .

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Haktuts Coin Master 20 Spins Link

Many players love to get 20 free spins for their coin master account . So we have gathered all the working 20 free spins link for you .

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Haktuts Coin Master 25 Spins Link

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Haktuts 50 Coin Master Spin Links

These 50 free spins are very rare , you may find it difficult to collect some times . Some times these links work and some times doesn’t .

But don’t worry, we are working hard to bring 50 free spins for you . Visit regularly and claim these spins for free .

Collect 50 free spins from below list

Haktuts Coin Master 50-100 Spins Link

These section of this site will help you to grab coin master 70,75,80 and 100+ free spins . Check out below paragraph to claim it .

Haktuts Coin Master 70 Spins Link

Collect 70 free spins from below list


Haktuts Coin Master 75 Spins Link


Haktuts Coin Master 80 Spins Link

Haktuts Coin Master 100 Spins Link

Coin Master 400 Free Spins Link – Fake or Real

Have you ever received 400 spins link at one go ?

–  No

–  No one has ever get cm 400 spins from any place . Coin master doesn’t provide that big amount of spins through any links .

You can get more 400 spins by playing game and completing some sets .

Top 10 Working Methods To Get Coin Master Free Spins

There are numerous ways to collect free spins and cards . Here we have listed only best and working tricks to claim 10 to 100000 free spins .

These methods will definitely help you to grab more than 1000+ spins and improve your gaming experience . Check out the below proven methods –

Coin Master Hourly Free Spins

One great way to get Coin Master free spins is to get them through the hourly free spins. So the more you play, the more spins you get. You will get up to 5 spins every hour and you can stock up to 50, 60 or 70 spins (depends upon what level you are on). Once your stock is fully loaded with 50 spins, you will not get any more free spins.

Quick Tip: If you want to score big and win in this game, try to play it every 2 to 3 hours. This will help your stock stay utilized so you don’t miss any free spin opportunity.

Become a Village Master to Get Free Spins

Completing a village that you are in will give you rewards. That rewards can be anything from spins, XPS, coin or pet food. In the beginning stages of the game, you will get rewards like ten free spins and dozens of coins. As you move forward and complete difficult villages, you will get better rewards!

Get Coin Master Free Spin by Watching a Video Ad

Many games like Coin Master use video ad techniques to give their users bonuses and prizes. So does the MoonActive, creators of Coin Master.

You can achieve up to five spins by watching a short video ad in the Coin Master game. But you are only allowed to watch a video ad when you have less than ten spins less in your stock. Only one Coin Master free spin will be given to you by using this method.

Coin Master Free Spin from Gift Links

Gift Links is another great way to get daily free spins. Coin Master Game’s official provides some free gift links for their fans. You can find out these free gift links from Coin Master on their social platforms or email. You can get some really amazing gifts that can be useful for you to build your village.

You can find out all the links Coin Master Game provides to its users above. This indeed is the quickest way to gain coin master free spins.

Share Coin Master Free Spins with Friends

One of the simplest ways to get Coin Master free spins is to ask a friend for it. If you have friends that play the Coin Master game as well, then it’s really good for you! Friends on coin master can send each other one free spin. This means the more friends you have playing Coin Master, you’ll get more free spins.

This method is only available for you when you’ve less than 50 spins. So go ahead and ask your friends to send you some free spins, and you do the same for them as well.

Get Coin Master Free Spins by Completing Card Sets

Each time you complete a card set, you are rewarded for it. The more card sets you complete, the more rewards you get. No matter if they are rare cards or any other, you will be rewarded.

And the good news is, you get free spins in the rewards. So make sure to collect cards and complete sets to get a chance to gain free spins.

Add New Friends & Get Coin Master Free Spins

Insisting a friend to play a game with you is not that hard, right? And you will surely do that if there are free rewards for doing so. Invite your friends to the Coin Master game and each time a friend of yours joins, you will get free spins.

One of the best things about using this method is that you can get a huge number of free spins, no matter how many spins you can stock. The reward also depends on what level of the game you are on. So go ahead and start inviting your friends to play.

Coin Master Free Spins In Events

Coin Master events is a huge opportunity for you to achieve great rewards and free spins up to 50,000. Yes, you heard it right! There are some events in the coin master game which, on completing them successfully, give you massive awards!

And most of the time, the awards are a huge number of free spins. Which means it can be a coin master 400 spin link, coin master 200 spin link and many more. Go ahead and find out some exciting events so you can win big rewards!

Coin Master Free Spin from Viking Quest

Who doesn’t want gold cards when playing Coin Master? If you want to achieve gold cards, free spins, XP, pet potions, and many other awards, then you definitely should play the Viking Quest event.

Viking Quest event has different stages, and you get rewards for completing each stage. Although you should have a lot of stock of coins to play this event, the awards and prizes are definitely worth it.

Coin Master Free Cards

Coin master is a very poular coin stacking game developed by Israeli studios, Moon Active. It has a collectible strategy model that allows you to gather coins and collect amazing and rare cards to add to your roster.

Haktuts Coin master rae cards
Haktuts Card List

Each card belongs to a specific set  and each card set has 10-12 cards . If you manage to complete the sets , you will be awarded many different resources, including free spins, pets, Pet XP, and much more.

Coin master card set helps you to win 1000 to 50000 free spins . There are some sets , if you stack all cards of that set , you will get 20K,30K,50K spins for free .

There are different type of cards according to their availaibilty .

  • Joker Card
  • Low Rare Card
  • Mid Rare Card
  • Very Rare Card

Coin Master Boom Villages List

Coin Master boom villages or boom levels are levels where you can get more gold and rare cards after you buy chests more than any other village.

If you will complete a village , you will get various rewards like spins, pet foods Xp . Check out below village list .

  • Village 5 : Far east
  • Village 7 : sunny hawai
  • Village 10 : atlantis
  • Village 13 : Arabian nights
  • Village 15 wild west
  • Village 17 jungle
  • Village 20 the arctic
  • Village 22 Candy land
  • Village 27 columbus
  • Village 30 india
  • Village 34 dragon lair
  • Village 35 greek island
  • Village 37 the wizard
  • Village 40 area 51
  • Village 45 musketeers
  • Village 47 theme park
  • Village 49 hell
  • Village 50 easter
  • Village 51 japan
  • Village 55 jurassic ville
  • Village 57 Mongolia
  • Village 60 Robin hood
  • Village 61 Deep sea
  • Village 62 don Quixote
  • Village 65 Olympus
  • Village 75 Unicorn
  • Village 79 Tin Soldier
  • Village 83 Car Racing
  • Village 87  Baba Yaga
  • Village 90 King Arthur
  • Village 93 Caribbean Resort
  • Village 95 Egyptian Pyramids
  • Village 98 Milky Way
  • Village 102 Goblin Ghetto
  • Village 105 Circus
  • Village 107 Golf Course
  • Village 110 Rice Farmer
  • Village 112 Irish Craic
  • Village 115 Aztec
  • Village 117 Ice Queen
  • Village 122 tennis
  • Village 125 Witches
  • Village 127 Zanzibar
  • Village 130 argentina
  • Village 135 Gymnastics
  • Village 136 New york
  • Village 138 Punk rock
  • Village 140 Rio
  • Village 141 space pirate
  • Village 142 Mech workshop
  • Village 143 Jock & Jonna

Coin Master All Events

Coin master brings very interesting events on hourly and daily basis which make users to go gaga over it .

Events like gift master,raid madness,snow ball event always facinates me .

Coin Master events for 2020 are :

  1. Tournament Events
  2. Milestone Tournament event
  3. Gift Master event
  4. Special Events
  5. Attack Madness event
  6. Raid Madness event
  7. Village Master event
  8. Bet Blast event
  9. Cards Boom event
  10. Cards for Chests event
  11. Gold Card Trade event
  12. Balloon Frenzy event
  13. Viking Quest event
  14. Set Blast event

Coin Master Pets

Pets in coin master are animals that will help you in your game to procure more coins or accomplish more compelling assaults and furthermore protect your town from assaults .

They are three pets in coin master : Foxy, Rhino and Tiger .

At the point when you open your pet you need to take care of it and level it up as you advance in the game . the two this you should work and progress with your pet will be Pet food and Pet XP

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