best Ways To Get Coin Master Free Cards

5 Easy And Legit Ways To Get Coin Master Free Cards

Do you want to get coin master free cards? Then here we have the best 5 easy and legit ways to do that. In the coin master game, cards play an important role. They’re collectible items that you can get while playing the game. What’s their benefit? When you have 9 different coin master fresh cards, then it becomes a collection that results in a reward of coins and spins that you get. Sounds interesting right?

Coin Master Free Cards list

However, not everyone gets these 9 cards to make a collection and then get rewards. Your village’s level determines which cards you receive. Getting better rewards depends on your level.

So, is it possible to get coin master cards for free? In this article, we will discuss a few legit ways to do that. If you read this article until the end, you’ll be able to get hundreds of free coin master cards.

Without being late, let’s have some words about the topic.

What Are Coin Master Cards?

Cards in coin master are distributed in a lot of types but the ones that you need to collect are golden cards and rare cards. When you have any of these cards in your collection, then no one can stop you from getting your free spin link and coins.

Coin Master Free Cards – Golden Cards

When playing the Coin Master video game, cards are needed to complete an assortment to continue the game. Rare cards are not just made to complete your collection They also give you gifts. This gift comes with a variety of extra prizes and bonus offers. The bonus contains the following things, for example:

  • Spins.
  • Coins.
  • Golden Cards.
  • Free pet foods.
  • And a lot of other rewards as well.

These are the cards that you get coin master.

How To Get Coin Master Cards For Free?

Getting free coin master cards isn’t so difficult. You can do this in a few straightforward and lawful ways. Let us tell you about each of the methods in detail.

1) Exchange Cards With The Coin Master Community

The first method of getting the coin master cards free is asking the coin master community. You must be aware of how huge the community of coin masters is, and it continues to grow larger. The game has over 100 million downloads on Google Play alone.

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So, what you can do is follow the coin master communities online. It doesn’t matter which platform you’re following the game on.

Because all of its platforms have a lot of followers. Just follow the platforms and connect yourself with the community. Once you’re connected with any of the coin master communities, you now have to ask for the cards from the community.

Obviously, people won’t give you their cards unless they get something from you in return that they can use in their game. So, what will you get them to get you the card that you need?

Cards you don’t want! You heard that right. There are many unwanted cards in your collection that you don’t even need, and so do other users in the community. There must be some people in the community who need your unwanted cards and have those cards that you don’t need.

So, you can ask them to exchange the cards. You’ll give them your unwanted cards and they’ll give you those cards that you need, which must be unwanted to them. The easiest way to obtain free Coin Master cards is by doing so.

2) Wait For The Boom Cards Event

The third best method of getting the new coin master cards is to get the most out of the card broom. When the card boom even comes, spend some of your money buying a couple of chests. Why? Because

Card Booms are a one-time occasion where you can earn 50 per cent more cards from the chests you open at certain seasons. If you know that a Card Boom event is approaching it’s best to keep all card Chests until that time. So you can reap maximum advantages from the event, boosting your chances of acquiring the cards you’ll require.

3) Trade Cards For Getting Chests

In most cases, however, you will repeatedly receive the same deck of unused cards. You can’t do anything with tons of similar coin master cards. But, thankfully, an inbuilt feature of the coin master allows you to trade up to 75 unused cards for a card chest.

Even though this method is a little slower, it’ll definitely get your work done. So be patient, keep trading your cards until you get the card that will take you to your spin links and coins.

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4) Receive The Daily Rewards

If you keep clicking the links that Moon Active gives you every day for free Coin Master cards, you’ll have more than enough in a matter of minutes.

5) Buy Chest Cards

The last method of getting coin master free cards is to buy them. If you got cash that is just getting dust in your pocket, then why don’t you splash it on your coin master game? Buying chest cards is the easiest way to get cards among all of the ways we’ve discussed in this post so far.

However, it’s for those people who have some cash in their pockets. But, if you don’t have that kind of money to spend, then the methods mentioned above will do the job for you. Don’t fret.

These are the most convenient methods for acquiring free Coin Master cards. Also, there is no risk involved them. Meaning, there will be no negative of these methods on your coin master account.


1) In Coin Master, what is the secret to getting free gold cards?

The way is quite easy; getting to the top spot on the leaderboard does not matter whether you take down others’ villages or ask for assistance from them – it’s up to you. The game doesn’t limit itself to give you free spins, it also offers Coin Master Free Gifts to the fingertips of your fingers.

2) What can I do with duplicate cards in Coin Master?

Cards for Chests – Coin Master. Exchange your duplicate cards to get brand-modern chests! You can now trade in your duplicate cards to three different types of chests, each of which offers a different mix of rewards that vary in the amount of Spins and Pet XP and cards!

3) What is the hardest card to get in Coin Master?

The Circus set is among the most lucrative card sets on Coin Master, but most players cannot avail of this card within the towns in which it is offered. It is not uncommon for auctions to rake in huge amounts on eBay because it’s the most sought-after card on Coin Master.

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4) How do you get rare cards in Coin Master?

How can you acquire the rarest cards available in Coin master? The process of finding a rare card is difficult when playing the coin master game. To do that, purchase as many boxes as you can. The more chests you have, the better chance you will obtain rare cards.

5) What is the process for getting gold cards in Coin Master 2022?

If you’re close to reaching the next village, attempt building all your objects until you have one point. After you complete that, you can purchase chests until you have the golden card. The next step is to buy an additional star. Keep buying chests until you get another gold card.

6) Do you think it’s a good idea to buy chests on Coin Master?

Yes, it is, because it offers rewards like cash, spins for free animal food items, and pets XP, and more that will allow you to improve your community.

7) Where can I get the coin master joker card?

You can get this incredible Joker Card as a reward from special events or hidden chests. It grants you the ability to turn it into any kind of card you want, even Gold cards! Make sure you utilise the Joker Card prior to its expiration date to obtain the card you need!


Getting coin master free cards is not that difficult. You can easily get them by following the methods that we’ve told you above. The methods are too simple and have no negative impact on your account. They’re 100% legit and working. What method do we recommend you use?

It’s a good question though. So, if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to spend so much time on getting the cards but also has some cash, then you better buy them. Because it’s the easiest and fastest way of getting coin master cards. However, if you don’t have money, then you can follow any of the methods that we’ve mentioned above. They’re great for you.

That’s it for today. If you have any questions related to this topic, please let us know in the comment section below. We’d love to help you out.

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