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Coin Master Gold Cards For Free – Excalibur Santa Cards And More

Haktuts Coin master rae cards
Haktuts Card List

Coin Master Card List: Get Cards Without Verification 


Coin Master is one of the best mobile games ever to be played in recent times. The game has been one of the top raters in the iOS App store and in Google Play as well. Having a pretty simple objective to the gameplay, it has become quite easy to play and addictive as well for most of the playing the game. 

coin master gold cards free
coin master gold cards free

In this article, today we will take a look at some of the tricks related to the coin master card that the users can have applying some of the steps mentioned in here. But before we take a look at some of those tips and tricks that can be applied for the game, we need to take a good look at some of the gaming aspects that the players should know before applying these methods to be discussed here. 


Coin Master Card List: What Is A Coin Master Card?


Coin Master is a game where the players can compete with the other players in order to win over the coins and other things which are needed in order to build the desired village from the player’s  point of view. Now, while collecting the coins and free spins within the game from different tasks and by raiding the other villages, there are some of the quests or tasks by completing which user can even get some of the cards that can help the user to buy a new weapon or the same cards can be  used to upgrade them. Now, this is one way using which or by following which the players can find different cards. While talking about the cards in the game of the coin master, there are also some of the different types of rarity of which the cards can be found. So, sometimes getting those cards can be a very troublesome task to have while playing the coin master. That is why most of the players search for some of the tips or the hacks that they can implement in order to have the cards of the higher rarity from different chests. So, let us go and have a look at those mesthods for  coin master cheats without verification.


coin master gold cards free
Exaclibur Card For Free


Coin Master Gold Card Hack: Tips And Tricks


In order to get the Gold cards in a legitimate way, the first thing that the players should remember is that the rarity of the cards depends upon the level of the village that players are playing. Higher the level of the village, higher the chances will be to get the gold cards. So, the first thing that the players can do is to play the game in such a way so that the players can increase the level of the village and then can try to have the cards as there would be a higher chance of getting the gold cards. So, this is the first thing that the players can implement.


The next option is by trading the cards with the other players or friends who are playing the Coin master. Generally most of the normal cards can be traded with the other players at any time but in order to trade the gold cards there is a special event called the Gold event where the players can trade the gold cards. So, these are some of the legit tips and tricks that the players can apply in order to get some of the Gold cards. Hope this helps.


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How to Play Coin Master

Playing coin master is an technique and talent . It is not like you get some coins and build your village any way you want. To build the best version of village, you must pan accordingly to get raid ,attacks and spins .

Neither you will exhaust your spins very soon . If you are new to this game , then follow below steps to play coin master game .

  1. Press the red button in the virtual slot machine.
  2. Every time you press the red button, the slot machine will show a combination of three objects.
  3. With every possible combination, there exists a reward for the player
  4. Three objects identical to each other always give surprising rewards.
  5. You may get 1000+ spins, 100 M coins and many more things .
  6. Three hammer will help you to attack other villages and earn you millions of coins .

Coin Master 400 spin link 800 spin link – Is it possible?

No, Coin Master daily reward links give limited amounts of spins rewards only. Some sites claims to give more 400 spins . They are totally lying to you . Never fell into the trap of 400 spins link .

For example minimum 10 and maximum 100 spins. As per our experience  and based on previous all links reward, 400 spin 800 spin by reward links yet not possible.

Well, Coin Master game user can win 400 spin, 800 spin or more spins by doing following things.

  • Complete Card sets.
  • Complete events.
  • Take part in Coin Master Fb group giveaways .
  • Play Coin Master daily
  • Complete villages .
  • Viking Contest

How To Get Coin Master Cards For Free ?

There are three ways to  collect cards in coin master. Your in-game level and your luck dictate what kind of card you will get through these methods. Let’s have a detailed look on 3 working methods to claim cards for free .

  1. Buy Chests

After competing a village or building a village you will receive chest which will help you to get some rare cards including some normal card . Type of cards are dependent on your village level . Higher the level higher is the chance of getting rare cards like lettuce,santa and excalibur .

2. Viking Quest

This is one of the best methods to collect gold cards and some rare cards as you will not waste your spins to harvest cards . You only need coins to play viking quest . Playing viking quest will help you to get some cards and complete your set easily .

3. Card Trading In Groups

There are hundreds of card trading group on facebook . You can post your requirement there and people with those cards will send you card .

Sometimes they also ask for exchange of cards . Additionally, you can also exchange gold cards to complete your collection.

Note: Gold Cards can only be traded between players during special events. And Normal cards have a limit of 5 trades per day.